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Our Services

Supporting our customers in each step of the data-driven cycle.

Step 01 Collection

Digital Analytics Platforms Implementation

Providing full-service support with digital web and mobile analytics platforms, including implementation, setup, maintenance and governance. Our favorite tools include: Google Analytics (360), Adobe Analytics, Piwik PRO, Webtrekk, Heap, Amplitude and Mixpanel.

Big Data Architecture & Engineering

Building custom, cloud native data solutions, including data pipelines, analytical warehouses, event streams for advanced analytics and other data driven business cases enablement.

Marketing Data Integration

Integrating marketing campaigns cost and performance data, including API connectors, required architecture development and data modelling with either existing digital analytics platforms or wider data ecosystem.

Data Privacy & Consent Management

Supporting data privacy and consent management strategy development and solutions implementation, focusing on both GDPR compliance and user rights enforcement and overcoming technical hurdles.

Step 02 Analysis

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Aggregating collected data and processing it into insights, from high-level KPI and OKR reporting to raw data-based customer behavior analysis to predictive analysis and custom models development.

Data Visualization

Visualizing data to tell a compelling story, no matter if it’s for an ad-hoc analysis or for a dashboard used by your company’s top executives. Our preferred tools and technologies include: Google Data Studio, Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, Looker, Python or R.

Data Strategy & Enablement

Supporting your organization in the way of becoming truly data-driven with data strategy development and its implementation, as well as working with and training your teams to achieve the intended objectives.

Marketing Attribution Modelling

Making sense of your digital marketing data, going a step over the, often skewed, information provided by the advertising platforms to analyze real value of each of your customers’ touchpoints with your brand, customized for your business model and sales funnel.

Step 03 Activation

Conversion Rate & Product Optimization

Delivering data-based insights and recommendations to identify main bottlenecks and optimization potential of your digital product, website or an eCommerce store, as well as helping with the continuous testing and experimentation cycle development.

Machine Learning Architecture & Engineering

Building business use cases involving machine learning and helping you to decide whether to use an existing solution or build your own - supporting you through the whole process, from initial feature engineering to model productization.

Marketing & Advertising Technology Solutions

Implementing and extending capabilities of existing marketing and advertising technology solutions - CRMs, tag management systems, marketing automation tools, personalization platforms, marketing clouds, DMPs, etc.

Customer Data Platforms Integration

CDPs combine advantages of multiple martech tools in one, often enabling server-side data collection, real-time user profile resolving and built-in connectors to orchestrate your data integration and activation efforts in one place. We will guide and support you through the whole process of choosing and implementing one, as well as using it to deliver real business value.

About Us

Our name says it all. We will help you to defuse your data before it blows up, allowing you to reach your business goals in a truely data-driven way.

Having a team with combined experience of over 30 years in full-stack data analytics and digital performance optimization, we are thriving on our customers' successes. Able to work with both fixed-term projects and long-term partnerships, we have expertise and knowledge to support your organization in its data-related efforts.

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